Monday, May 23, 2011

What if you Lived Your Last Day...Again...and Again...and Again...

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Review: At first, watching Sam was painful—she’s spoiled, bratty, and mean to her classmates. Everything you wanted to forget about being a teenager—cliques, shallowness, the insular world, senseless cruelty, the obsession with popularity--it is all there and too accurate to want to revisit, for me. The dialogue and characters’ thoughts are dead-on.
I kept reading because I wanted to see Sam redeem herself soooo bad. What really attracts us, draws us in to this book… we all hope we’ll have one second chance after another in life, especially when we need it the most.

Song to Read By: “Got You Where I Want You” by The Flys:

Note: Before I Fall is a book for older teens, because it had a lot of older teen concerns and content, including drinking/debauchery, sex, and language.


  1. I think this will be really well done as a movie. Kind of like Memento style? In the sense of playing with time.

  2. You nailed it! Redemption is EXACTLY why I kept reading. I know way too many girls like Sam, and I thought her character arc was executed brilliantly.

    I'm also in love with Lauren Oliver's style of writing. It's so fluid, beautiful, and image-filled.

  3. I love the writing style too. There are so many similes and metaphors, but none of them are cliche. All are a little unexpected.