Saturday, May 28, 2011

Noooooooooooo! Mockingjay Made Me Cry!

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Review: I was waiting for the revolution. I was excited to see Katniss as the Mockingjay, because I loved the image of her wedding dress burning away to the black and white Mockingjay feathers. I started reading, hoping she'd end up with Gale, although poor Peeta is losing his mind.

Nothing happened like I thought it would. The book fulfills the promise of action to finish the trilogy. The ending  resonated with me...I cried and cried. The characters became real people to me.

 Remember...revolution isn't always glorious and we should be wary of glorifying any type of war or violence.

Song to Read By:  "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap:


  1. Mockingjay is pretty powerful. I need to re-read that sometime!

    ComaCalm's Corner

  2. Definitely worth a second read. The writing is well done. The first time you're just absorbed in the action, the what will happen next aspect.