Sunday, February 1, 2015

First Frost

First Frost 
by Sarah Addison Allen

The Sequel to Garden Spells

Genre: Women's Fiction

Years ago, I enjoyed reading the unique and whimsical novel, Garden Spells. In the following years, I have read and enjoyed each of Sarah Addison Allen's books as they were released. I was happy to hear that First Frost was a follow-up to Garden Spells, returning to Bascom, NC and the Waverley family. 

Review: This novel mostly follows Bay, Sydney, and Claire. Bay is navigating her teenage years and Claire is struggling with her new business, while Sydney is hoping for a new baby. The novel is about each character's search for happiness in everyday life. The writing is simple yet elegant and the characters enoyable to spend time with, so go pick up First Frost--unless you haven't read Garden Spells first! The elements of whimsy and magic and the evocative setting Allen is known for are present in this lovely little novel.

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The Happiness of Pursuit

The Happiness of Pursuit
by Chris Guillebeau

Genre: Nonfiction

Review: This was our book club pick for January and led to a thoughtful discussion to start off the year. Chris outlines criteria for what makes a "quest" and suggestions for how you can find happiness in your life through pursuing quests. 

Along the way, you can read about interesting quests people have undertaken, both at home and around the world. The book shows you how you could makeover your life and do that huge thing, like travel around the world, or that smaller thing close to home, like knitting hats for charity, both examples from the text. A fast and enjoyable read that will inspire you and make you think about how to improve your life. 

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