Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Venezia: Lady Emily is Back!

Death in the Floating City
by Tasha Alexander

Genre: Mystery, series

Review: The next installment in one of my favorite mystery series doesn't disappoint. Lady Emily, elegant wife/sleuth/forward-thinking feminist of the Victorian era goes to Venice to investigate a crime for her childhood rival, Emma.

The handsome Colin accompanies as they traverse the canals and churches of Venice in search of the murderer. Clues found in paintings, gardens, and books abound. Meanwhile, readers are given a glimpse into a 1500s diary that could effect the current events.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

A Slow-Paced Mystery?

Every Contact Leaves a Trace
by Elanor Dymott

Genre: Literary Mystery/Psychological Suspense

Review: Alex, the story's narrator, begins by recounting finding his wifes body beside the lake at Worcester College, Oxford, England. As the events leading up to Rachel's murder unfold, Alex realizes the strength of her love anew, while dealing with her secrets and the truth that he didn't really know his wife. The novel is slow-paced, and touches on the precarious nature of narrative, examining the unique perspectives of Harry Gardner, Rachel's academic adviser, her cold godmother, and Alex's own view of his life. This novel is a mystery, not a thriller; the pace is slow and thoughtful as the events of Rachel's life are revealed to Alex.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Coming of Age in Hungary and England

The Book of Summers
by Emylia Hall

Genre: Women's Fiction

Review: Beth, aka Erszebet, tells the story of her mother, Marika. When she receives an artistic photo scrapbook in the mail, The Book of Summers, she is forced to reflect on the summers she spent with Marika in Hungary and what they meant to her. The gorgeous Hungarian countryside, the spicy cuisine, the cute boy down the lane, Tamas, the thrill of gallivanting around the forest. Discovering painting and sketching for the first time with resident artist Zoltan...all are lovingly rendered by debut novelist Emylia Hall. If you want to bask in the feeling of summer, even in November, read this novel!

Song to Read by: Enjoy some gypsy music from Putumayo's compilation Gypsy Caravan:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Meryl Streep Movie Club!

The Meryl Streep Movie Club
by Mia March

Genre: Women's Fiction

Review: Two sisters and their cousin grew up together and grew apart, but now they are called back to the Three Captains Inn in beautiful Boothbay Harbor, Maine by matriarch Lolly. Isabel is battling her past and uncertain future; single-mom June is searching for Charlie's long lost father; Kat is making decisions about whether to marry her best friend or take her chances in Paris or open her own bakery. Together, they grow closer, gathering together for Movie Night, and Meryl Streep movies become the catalyst for close relationships and resolving the conflicts in their lives.

Sounds corny, but it is really not! A light read with a big heart :)