Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jennifer, Gwyneth and Me

Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me: 
The Pursuit of Happiness, One Celebrity at a Time
by Rachel Bertsche

Bertsche finds herself spending too much time on the Internet, comparing herself to celebrities, but decides to use them for inspiration instead of self-loathing. 

Author of MWFSeeking BFF, also recommended--see my review. My book club of twenty-something young women loved it.

Genre: Memoir

Review: After losing her job, Rachel pursues a writing career at home, but finds herself in a rut. She studies then emulates Jennifer Aniston's steps to a sexy body, Tina Fey's work ethic, and Jessica Alba's "honest" pregnancy. She aspires to Beyonce's total package, Jennifer Garner's marriage, Julia Roberts' serenity and Gwyneth's kitchen. 

Once again, I love the author's sense of humor, approachable yet reflective writing style, and sprinkling of scientific studies with personal anecdote. Her reflections on women and perfectionism were wise, while the experiences with fertility and pregnancy deepened the memoir. 

Author Websitehttp://www.rachelbertsche.com/