Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Fun and Funny Memoir about Friendship!

MWF Seeking BFF: 
My Year Long Search for a Best Friend
By Rachel Bertsche

If you are twenty-or-thirtysomething girl, you will love this book! If you have ever moved to a new city or searched for new friends, you will relate to Rachel's quest. Rachel finds herself married and living in Chicago, but without a BFF in her zipcode. She longs for a relationship like she has with her camp and high school friends. Throughout the memoir, Rachel intersperses research about the science of friendship, which adds legitimacy to her quest. She braves improv classes, friend rental services, and "blind dates" as she goes in 52 dates in search of "the One"--her new best friend.  You'll read on to find out if she meets her new BFF, but also because she is the companion you've been looking for!

Inspiration: While I'm not going on any girl-dates, this book inspired me to finally start a book club and check out, both of which I've been meaning to do. 

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Song to Read By: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Miley Cyrus:


  1. Loving this book! I'm (oddly?) proud of you for starting the Meetup (and am super glad to be a part of it, LOL).