Monday, February 6, 2012

Will your dream job actually be dreamy?

Second Time Around
by Beth Kendrick

Genre: Women's Fiction

 This novel is a chick-lit cupcake for the evening. Not a hearty meal of literature, but a delectable dessert you will love devouring. If you were an English major in college, you'll relate to the main characters, who, ten years after their graduation, find themselves adrift and slightly unhappy in their "careers." Then their friend gives each of them $250,000 to pursue their dreams. The realities of running a B and B and renovating a house plague Southern belle Brooke. Other friends are baking cakes, writing novels, and planning weddings, but these dream jobs come with conflicts as well. The four friends are living together in their old college town, with sprinkles of romance and mystery on this cupcake of a novel. Super cute-- read it!

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