Friday, February 3, 2012

Will a Restless Travel Writer Settle Down?

The First Husband 
by Laura Dave

Genre: Adult Novel--Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction

Intro: I read and enjoyed Laura Dave's first novel, London is the Best City in America and so I was excited to read her latest novel. Her wry sense of humor and realistic characters are the literary answer to chick lit. The characters are smart and sassy, but not addicted to shopping.

 The Review: Dave's books delve deep into the sticky relationship issues we don't want to talk about. She takes things that could be our worst fears (settling down, being left by a long term partner) and addresses them in this book. The main character in The First Husband is a travel writer who travels 200 days a year. 

After her five-year boyfriend Nick breaks up with her abruptly, Annie marries a chef in Los Angeles and moves to small-town New England just a few months later. Her new home and husband come with several unexpected snags (mother-in-law and her husband's long-term (13 yr) ex-girlfriend), not to mention the freezing weather. 

Will she adjust to her new life or follow the allure of a job in London as a travel expert?

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Song to Read By: "For the First Time" by The Script

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