Sunday, November 25, 2012

Coming of Age in Hungary and England

The Book of Summers
by Emylia Hall

Genre: Women's Fiction

Review: Beth, aka Erszebet, tells the story of her mother, Marika. When she receives an artistic photo scrapbook in the mail, The Book of Summers, she is forced to reflect on the summers she spent with Marika in Hungary and what they meant to her. The gorgeous Hungarian countryside, the spicy cuisine, the cute boy down the lane, Tamas, the thrill of gallivanting around the forest. Discovering painting and sketching for the first time with resident artist Zoltan...all are lovingly rendered by debut novelist Emylia Hall. If you want to bask in the feeling of summer, even in November, read this novel!

Song to Read by: Enjoy some gypsy music from Putumayo's compilation Gypsy Caravan:

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