Thursday, May 5, 2011

Launch Day: YA Lit Reviews in 100 Words or Less plus Songs to Read By

Today I created the concept for this blog--I'll be reviewing Young Adult Literature books in 100 words or less.

Why 100 words? The review itself will only be 100 words or less. That's a challenge. People don't have time these days and they like Twitter apparently (no I am NOT starting a Twitter account)--with any luck, Josh Groban will sing my book reviews like Kanye West's brilliant tweets :) LOL.

Why YA Lit? They're some of my favorite books to read. And crossover books like The Hunger Games and Twilight are getting major attention, so you might like some of the books I review. I read and write in this genre a lot as well. I also teach middle school English, so all my students and people who wish they were my students can find out about cool books. 

Songs to Read By: I love music and creativity goes along with reading and writing. Words, words, words!

On this blog, you'll find out about fun or thoughtful or mysterious or intriguing or meaningful new books while listening to new (to you) music. Or rediscover your old favorite books and songs!


  1. That sounds like a pretty interesting challenge and I'm looking forward to seeing if you can do it! Hope to see you more often!

  2. Hi! I'm new to your blog although my blog itself is not new. I'm definitely going to follow you so I can figure out how you review a book in 100 words or less. Maybe I'll figure out punctuation along the way - LOL. Just kidding.

    I'd love to have you visit Family Literacy and You when you have a chance. I mostly do book reviews/giveaways for the middle school age range - but you'll also find reviews for adults, babies and preschool. So, come on over and visit when you have a chance.

    Tina "The Book Lady"
    (PS: I have 5 books to give away on MOnday - so be sure to check out my giveaways in the 1st 4 posts - there's something for everyone)

  3. This works well for me. My book is short, so maybe the review can be as well. I also think often about music, and that has inspired my writing. Evanescence, especially "Imaginary" is much of the sort of "unofficial Violet Skies Soundtrack" and another important song is "You Will Never Be Alone" by Anastacia.

  4. Everyone, thanks for sharing your thoughts (and songs). I have stopped by your blogs and added you!