Thursday, May 3, 2012

Turn of Mind...

Turn of Mind
by Alice LaPlante

Genre: Adult Fiction, Literary

Review: The shocking tale of a mother with Alzheimer's, a former orthopedic surgeon specializing in hands who is accused of the murder of her best friend, Amanda, with whom she had a loving but contentious relationship. Her friend was found with several fingers excised from her hand. Did she comment the murder? Even she doesn't know.

 The story is told from the perspective of Dr. Jennifer White, in three parts, as her Alzheimer's worsens. The book is very humane, puzzling, and meaningful, but terrifying in a way as well, as only books about losing your memory, and its ramifications for identity and family/relationships, can be.  

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Song to Read by: "White Oleander" from the movie, composed by Thomas Newman:

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