Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Kate Atkinson: Mystery, Grief, Heartbreak...and Humor?

When Will There Be Good News?
by Kate Atkinson

Genre: Adult Literary Fiction, Mystery

Review: This novel won't disappoint fans of Atkinson's work! The main character, Reggie, was quite likable. Sadly, she was kind of like Job, because bad things kept happening to her; however, she kept her head up, and I respected her devotion to Dr. Joanna Hunter. Once again, the threads of the plot wove together in intricate ways, and our favorite characters Jackson Brodie and love interest/cop Louise made a reappearance. The dry wit, clever asides, and meditation on death, grief, and religion were ever-present, what we have come to know and love in an Atkinson novel. Sad, mysterious, and heartwarming all in one.

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