Saturday, April 28, 2012

Take a trip to Casa al Vento...

The House of the Wind

By Titania Hardie

Genre: Adult Fiction

The pace of this book was slow, but luxurious, like riding a bike through the Tuscan countryside. The story takes place primarily in Bay Area, CA 2007 and Tuscany, 1347, following Madeline, a 26-year-old lawyer suffering a devastating loss, and Mia, a girl without a voice. Following their journeys was a privilege. The myth, religion, and folklore interspersed in the story was informative and engaging. Madeline especially became real to me, and the ethical dilemmas raised in the novel were food for thought. The setting descriptions are sensory and textured, the romance subtle yet satisfying.

Next up: I am going to check out her other book, The Rose Labyrinth.

Song to Read By: "White Dress" from the Under the Tuscan Sun soundtrack: 

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