Thursday, May 3, 2012

Every Secret Thing

Every Secret Thing
By Susanna Kearsley
(also writing under pen name Emma Cole)

Genre: Fiction, Mystery

Set in England, Lisbon, Portugal, and Washington, DC, the story follows Kate Murray on a journey that begins after she meets a mysterious, kind old man, who knows her name and her grandmother. She watches as he's hit by a car in London. Kate uses her journalistic instinct to unravel the mystery, pursuing  unanswered questions. Along the way, losses abound, but she continues her search for the truth. She delves deeper into a cover-up during WWII, events in the early spy services of Canada and the intrigue on the "neutral" ground of Portugal. 

The plot sounds complex, but this is actually a light and enjoyable read. Loved the description of Lisbon--made me want to go there for sure!

Song to Read By: "Old Pine" by Ben Howard

Check out these photos of the real locations the author used to write the novel:

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