Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The American Revolution: Spirit and Romance

Time Enough for Drums
By Ann Rinaldi

This book review is written by one of my 5th grade students, Veronica.

Genre: YA Historical Fiction

Review: Time Enough For Drums was set in the 1700s during the Revolutionary War time. I like being able to see the War through a different perspective. Jem, a 15-year-old girl is telling the story. I thought the book was interesting because it also noted significant historical events while still keeping you hooked. During the end of the book, though it started getting very sappy and a lot of disappointments happened all at once. It was very clever of Ann Rinaldi to do it through a regular colonist’s perspective because I got to see what one person would think of George Washington and what they felt during the war. Overall, I think Time Enough For Drums was a good read, while also giving you historical facts about the war.

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