Sunday, July 14, 2013

The best of Marian Keyes

The Mystery of Mercy Close
by Marian Keyes

Genre: Women's fiction

Review: I picked up this book because it looked funny, and I was in Ireland; I'd enjoyed Keyes work before, and looked forward to being transported on train rides with a light, funny novel. It turned out to be so much more. Hilarious, yes, but following private detective Helen Walsh as she tracks down a missing member of a washed-up boy band on the eve of their reunion concert proved to have unanticipated depth. Humorous and well-plotted, this novel also explores Helen's current and past episodes of depression. I have never read a better description of the reality of depression, and I found the novel hugely inspiring! As a writer, Keyes keeps getting better. 

Song to read by: "Bad Girls" by MIA, in honor of Helen being a pretty badass private detective

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