Sunday, July 14, 2013

Santa Montefiore writes again!

The Woman from Paris
by Santa Montefiore

Genre: Women's fiction

I love this cover, but take a look at the UK edition:

Review: Montefiore once again evokes peaceful settings as she describes gardens in detail and gives one a sense of the power and joys one can find in appreciating nature. However, the setting isn’t the main event; delightful and complex characters, family conflicts, misunderstandings leading to humorous effects—all the ingredients for a good, old-fashioned English country estate drama. A family gathers together after the patriarch has passed away…the story takes off from there. The love stories and spiritual insight I’ve come to expect in Montefiore’s work are fulfilled in this novel as well. Phaedra especially is rendered wonderfully as a character. 

Author website: Here you can read about the details for her next book, Secrets of the Lighthouse

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