Friday, February 28, 2014

The Paris Wife

The Paris Wife
by Paula McLain

This novel is literary yet warmly, emotionally resonant--recommended for book clubs! 

Genre: Literary Fiction

Review: Hadley is a Midwestern young woman in search of  adventure when she meets 21-year-old Ernest Hemingway. They fall in love through letters, and decide to get married. 

Soon, they set out for 1920s Paris, where Ernest will launch his writing career over the next five years. Set in America, Paris, Spain, and Austria, this novel follows Hadley, Ernest, and later, their baby son. Hadley is a strong, intellectual character in her own right. McLain does not overshadow her with Ernest's personality, and readers understand the nuances of a woman caught between eras, between wife and the chic woman of the 20s. 

Extras: I enjoyed this photo gallery on Paula McLain's website

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