Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rise and Shine: A Story of Sisters

Rise and Shine
by Anna Quindlen

Can't wait to read other novels by Anna Quindlen!

Genre: Literary Fiction

Review: Weighty and wonderful and funny. Serious and literary without being annoying. 

This novel is essentially a story about sisters.  40-somethings living in NYC, but their relationship is relatable for all ages. Meghan is a mega-watt celebrity, star of morning show Rise and Shine. Bridget is the younger sister, a social worker in the Bronx. They are both devoted to Meghan's son, Leo. 

As you read the summary, you think Meghan's "falling apart" on air, sabotaging her career, or her failing marriage, will be at the core of the novel. But there is so much more there. Read to find out! 

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