Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Last Camellia

The Last Camellia
by Sarah Jio

Genre: Women's fiction

This is her best novel yet! I liked it better than two of her previous novels, so definitely, pick up this novel! As good as Violets of March! If you are missing Downton Abbey, this manor-set mystery with upstairs/downstairs drama will tide you over. 

Review:  Sarah Jio's latest novel is set at Livingston Manor, a fictional countryside estate in England, with a rare Camellia tree. In modern times, Addison and Rex visit the manor and begin to uncover a mystery involving Lady Anna, a Middlebury Pink camellia, and the housekeeper; in the meantime, the past is haunting Addison, creeping closer. 

In the 1940s, Flora, an American amateur botanist, finds her way to Livingston Manor. Hired as a flower thief, she acts as a nanny, where she falls in love with the family, and she, too, tries to solve the mystery surrounding Lady Anna.  Read it!

Song to Read by: "Snow Angel" from The Place Beyond the Pines soundtrack

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