Monday, August 5, 2013

Funny. Quirky. Sad. Real

My American Unhappiness
by Dean Bakopoulos

Genre: Literary Fiction

As I noted in the subject line, I could write this review in four words: Funny, Quirky, Sad, Real. But I won't.

Review: We meet our protagonist at Starbucks, where he goes often to entertain his crush, an adorable barista girl. He has the uncanny ability to guess which drink people will order. Call it an insight into human nature.  At first glance, the main character is skating smoothly across the surface his life. Then his dying mother gives him an ultimatum--get married before she dies or he will lose custody of the nieces he loves. The dry wit, quirky characters, and dead-on descriptions of the Midwest kept me savoring this novel on each page.

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