Monday, August 5, 2013

Family Pictures

Family Pictures
by Jane Green

Genre: Popular chick lit

Review: Sylvie is a creative soon-to-be empty-nester. She is coming to terms with her daughter Eve's departure for college and potential eating disorder while caring for an aging, imperious mother and wishing her husband were home more. Sylvie starts wondering how Mark spends his time during the two weeks of the month he works on the East Coast. Her daughter Eve wants to attend college in NYC, but her stepdad is dead-set against it. The book alternates between Eve and Sylvie's perspectives in Part I, then moves among two other characters, Grace, another college-bound girl, and her mother, the reigning queen of the New Salem, CT social set. The second part of the book has a lot of "real housewives of Connecticut" type of drama if you like that kind of thing. 

Word of advice: Don't rush out and buy this book or anything, but it will entertain you if you pick it up at the library or bookstore. 

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