Monday, April 8, 2013

Sarah Jio's Latest

Blackberry Winter
by Sarah Jio

Genre: Women's Fiction

Review: A teddy bear in the snow, a lost boy. A mother's desperate search for her son in the 1930s. Blackberry Winter follows both Vera Ray and a contemporary character, a journalist grieving who finds the spark in life again when she discovers that years ago, on another freak snowstorm in May, a boy was lost. She sets out to investigate and of course, the mystery hits closer to home than she'd imagined. Flashbacks to Vera and son Daniel's story alternate with Claire's workplace concerns and crumbling marriage.

This book is like sitting down with a favorite cup of tea and just relaxing. There isn't an urgency to reading, it is comfortable and familiar--rather formulaic and predictable, nothing new here, but still satisfying enough.

If you've read Jio's other novels, you'll enjoy the reappearance of several characters from The Violets of March, her first novel. I recommend her first novel the most, and The Bungalow. You can read a review here

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Song to Read by: "Night Sky" by Andrew Bird

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