Monday, April 8, 2013

Kate Morton's The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper
by Kate Morton

Genre: Popular, Historical, Women's Fiction

How have I not reviewed this book yet? I read it months ago; Kate Morton's novels are books that I always buy in hardcover and re-read once or twice--which is saying a lot since I am an avid library patron and I can't buy every book that I read as a poor but happy graduate student :)

Review: Morton is one of my favorite authors. The settings of her novels are amazingly vivid and memorable. If you want to travel to a quaint English cottage, a mysterious forgotten manor, if you want to unravel a mystery while savoring vivid settings and languorous language, pick up this book. If you enjoyed her previous novels, this one won't disappoint, although The Forgotten Garden is still my favorite.

Sixteen-year-old Laurel witnesses a crime she will never forget and won't understand until fifty years later; a crime perpetrated by her mother. In the future, we follow Laurel as an established actress reflecting on her life and career; she returns home to her sisters at the end of her mother's life.

 Flashback to wartime England: we follow Laurel's mother Dorothy, glamorous Vivien, and the handsome Jimmy.
Conclusion: Lavish historical fiction, mystery, and a surpising ending! Even I didn't predict it!

Song to Read by: "Una Mattina" by Ludovico Einaudi

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