Wednesday, July 11, 2012

To Be Sung Underwater

To Be Sung Underwater
by Tom McNeal

I love both covers. Paperback above, hardback below.

Genre: Adult Literary Fiction

Review: Well-written is an understatement. I found myself writing phrases in my journal, relishing the poetic language. However, I still cared about the characters the most. This is the story of Judith and Willy, and how Judith's great love at 17 didn't fit in with her life plan, and her resulting choices. The setting, Nebraska, becomes a celebrated landscape of buttes, pines, and prairie. I also admired the novel's structure. Part 1 goes back and forth in time, Part 2 is the past, Part 3 is the present. Ingenious.

Savor this novel on a slow summer afternoon.

Song to Read By: "To Be Sung On the Water" by Samuel Barber, title derived from this song, sung by a woman's choir

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