Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Social Commentary at an English Country House!

Hi Everyone,

I'm catching up on my posts from the last two weeks, when I have been travelling the country, visiting family.

The Uninvited Guests
By Sadie Jones

Genre: Literary Fiction

Review: Be forewarned, this clever book, chronicling what happens when you take the "nice" out of social niceties during a birthday dinner party at an English manor house, may disturb you. Near the end, this book devolves into unexpected strangeness.

The highly honest, dead-on observations spared no politeness, but were funny and interesting. The best part was hearing one character's thoughts about another character. Emerald develops feelings for a childhood friend, and the youngest child, Smudge, is left to her own devices, while a mysterious man from the mother's past appears along with the "uninvited guests," refugees from a nearby train accident.

Author Website: Profile in UK newspaper, the Independent

Song to Read By: "Rivers and Roads" by the Head and the Heart

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