Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Strong Follow-Up in Middle Grades Mystery

The Sherlock Files Book 2:
The Beast of Blackslope
by Tracy Barrett

Genre: Middle Grades Mystery

Review: The cover of this book looks overdramatic, but I enjoyed the book once I started reading. The bro-and-sis sleuth team of Xander and Xena Holmes open their casebook to find out Sherlock Holmes has visited the tiny village where they are vacationing, Blackslope, England. After hearing a strange howl, they set out to investigate. Once again, the book is well-paced, with a nice change of setting (including castles, dark woods, and a country manor). Xena and Xander have great dialogue/banter that kids will enjoy. 

Song to Read By: "Beauty and the Beast" song from the film:

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