Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Fast-Paced Middle Grades Mystery!

The 100-Year-Old Secret
by Tracy Barrett

First in the Sherlock Files series
Genre: Middle Grades mystery

Note: I am using this book to teach a 5th grade English unit about mysteries. 

Review: A fun introduction to this mystery series. Xander and Xena are a bro-and-sis sleuth team, ages 10 and 12. Each has a special set of skills (encyclopedic memory, athleticism, acute hearing). They find out they are relatives of Sherlock Holmes and inherit his casebook of unsolved cases. They just moved to London from America and set off in search of a lost, fictional painting. Clearly has elements of mystery, including clues and red herrings. You can read this book in 2 hours or less. Short, fast-paced chapters. 

Author website:

Song to Read By: Sherlock Holmes film soundtrack "Opening Theme" by Hans Zimmer:


  1. This kinda sounds like the 39 clues series... which I would also recommend to you!! You should check it out. I am going to check out this book.. sounds like it is up my alley!


  2. Thanks for stopping by! Kids in my class LOVE the 39 clues books. They are addictive!