Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don't take me to Scarborough Fair!

Impossible by Nancy Werlin

When I read the description of this book, the story (based on folk song "Scarborough Fair") intrigued me. The summary sounds weird: Elfin Knight, goat horn?! What? However, once I opened the book, I was inexorably drawn into Lucy's story. Her character is practical and likable. I loved having a peek into warm family life. Lucy is determined and the love story with Zach is sweet. This book has some major issues though, including prom night and rape, that make it more appropriate for older teens. This book manages to stay grounded in reality, despite magical elements.

Song to Read By:  "Scarborough Fair" Simon and Garfunkel version: or the Sarah Brightman version, which sounds more magical:


  1. Thanks for this review! I have this in my TBR pile, and now I might have to move it closer to the top!

  2. This book is a fast and fun read. I loved the characters! Thanks for stopping by my blog!