Saturday, December 14, 2013

After Her

After Her
by Joyce Maynard

Genre: Fiction: Mystery/Thriller

New release!

Review:  After Her is a mystery about two sisters' coming of age in Marin County, with the "Sunset Strangler" haunting the mountain in their backyard. After admiring this well-written novel with compelling characters, a mix of sadness, humor, and tension, I had to read Maynard's other books. 

Rachel is navigating adolescence and changing relationships while trying to help her father, the detective on the case, who is deteriorating from the stress and publicity. The setting on Mt. Tamalpais, stark and beautiful, is almost a character in the novel. Overall, a bit disturbing, but highly recommended. 

Note: It has been awhile since I read much of an author's ouevre all together, and this is a satisfying experience, especially for writers who are interested in how an author's work changes throughout the life and work/life balance. See reviews for The Good Daughters and At Home in the World

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