Saturday, October 12, 2013

From Paris to Tahiti: All Good Things

The elegant yet down-to-earth writing style
 is present yet again in Turnbull's second 
memoir after Almost French! 

All Good Things
From Paris to Tahiti:
Life and Longing
by Sarah Turnbull

Genre: Memoir

Review: Sarah moves to Tahiti with her French husband, Frederic. Her hopes are quiet yet vast: "a book and a baby." The memoir begins with a sublime description of swimming in the Tahitian sea, then follows her struggles as a writer, adjusting to life in French Polynesia, wondering whether to dash her hopes for a child after several rounds of IVF.  Her writing is honest, never self-pitying.  Sprinkled with contemplation, of what it means to live on an island and to find inspiration there, like Matisse and Gauguin, through light and sea and poetic beauty of atolls.

Song to Read by: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by IZ

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