Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Arranged Marriage Rom-Com

by Catherine McKenzie

Genre: Women's Fiction

Review: Anne Blythe's life is not the perfect fairy tale of her namesake, Anne of Greene Gables. The book begins with a break-up from yet another handsome black-haired, blue-eyed loser who break Anne's heart, yet again. She is almost ready to give up on love, so she gets her own apartment and throws herself into her work (writing). Then her best friend gets engaged. Anne starts thinking about the business card for a dating service and enrolls, but it turns out to be an arranged marriage service. Enter Jack, another writer, who seems charming at first,  maybe even true love material, but then....

The premise is fun, the reading is fast and light. Towards the end it takes a real turn for formulaic rom-com, but it was a  cute, distracting read with funny moments and pretty good character development..

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Song to Read by: "Rock Scissors Paper" by Jaymay


  1. This sounds pretty fun and interesting, going to have to check it out! :) I'm already intrigued about how the arranged marriage goes wrong... (I assume!)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog. It does go wrong, but prob. not in the way you'd expect :)