Sunday, January 27, 2013

The House at Tyneford

The House at Tyneford
by Natasha Solomons

Genre: Historical Fiction

Review: When you run out of Downton Abbey episodes, you can get your fix by reading this book! Elise is living a life of luxury in 1938 Vienna with her opera singer mother, Anna, and Julian, novelist father, and musical sister Margot. She doesn't quite fit in with them, but also doesn't realize how much she love sher family until she is forced to leave Austria for Tyneford, England.

Working as a domestic servant may save her life. She falls in love with the sea, the classic English manor house with gardens, and golden-boy heir Kit and his kind father, Mr. Rivers. Solomon writes amazing setting descriptions with a well-paced plot--unique among the WWII novels.  

Song to Read by: Downton Abbey opening theme

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