Friday, October 12, 2012

Thriller Set in Ireland! Tana French is Back!

Hi Everyone, I have been on hiatus for this book blog, because I just started a Ph.D. program. However, I will still update, just less often; even with piles of research articles to read, I still can't resist reading novels, even if that means staying up 'til 1 in the morning!
Broken Harbor
by Tana French

Genre: Literary Thriller/Mystery

 I love Tana French's books. The Likeness is my favorite. If you want something creepy to read around Halloween time, Broken Harbor will fit the bill!

Review: Overall, I didn't like this book quite as much as French's others, yet it is worth it to read until the end, because there the characterization fully develops.

A family caught in the despairing throes of the recession find themselves living in a deserted neighborhood. A detective with the best solve rate on the squad, Mick Kennedy, heads to the site of a possible murder-suicide with rookie partner Richie Curran. Two angelic children are gone and the kitchen is a bloody mess. At every turn, something unexpected occurs. You cannot guess the twists and turns of this book. Once again, French raises police prodedural to a higher art.

Song to Read By: Mumford and Sons, "The Cave"

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