Monday, June 11, 2012

A Turning Back Toward Literary Fiction

The Cookbook Collector 
by Allegra Goodman

Genre: Literary Fiction

The Review: Follow two sisters, Emily and Jessamine, in Silicon Valley, in the years 1999-2001. Historic American events, from the tech bubble to 9/11 are chronicled in this novel. Emily is a young CEO of up-and-coming tech company Veritech, competing with her fiancee Jonathan while trying to create "the next big thing" in technology as they go public. Jess is a drifter who volunteers for "Save the Trees," works at a used bookstore, and studies philosophy at Berkeley. They are still dealing with the loss of their mother and searching for meaning in their respective worlds, business/technology and philosophy/rare books. 

Also Recommended: Intuition--set in a science lab, takes us deep into the intrigue of reseach, yet makes the characters real, a fast, suspenseful read with literary merit and moral and ethical ramifications.

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Song to Read By: "Speak for Me" by John Mayer

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