Monday, January 16, 2012

The latest Lady Emily Mystery! A Crimson Warning

Smart, sassy, insightful, intuitive, clever, with big opinions and the verve to back them up: these describe the heroine of Tasha Alexander's Lady Emily series. This series started with the novel And Only to Deceive, where Emily is in mourning after her first husband (a marriage of convenience) has died. She becomes interested in Greek antiquities and also begins to investigate her husband's death, a man she barely knew. Along the way, she meets Colin Hargreaves. I loved this novel because it has many scenes in the British Museum and was also about art forgery. 

Several books later, we have the latest installment, which I will review below. Don't you just love the cover?

This book finds Emily back in London, with the same old characters in the "smart set." However, this book has added complexity, because two plot-lines run parallel. I liked how Emily is becoming more politically active and campaigning for the suffrage movement. There is a thematic depth which touches on politics and morality. The novel includes the enjoyable repartee between Colin and Emily, continues her friendship with Ivy and Emily's interest in art and antiquities. The story has hints of romance, mystery, intrigue, and a wonderfully evoked setting and attention to the language of the time period. 

Music to Read By: "Claire de Lune" by Debussy

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