Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No One You Know by Michelle Richmond

No One You Know by Michelle Richmond

The Intro: My current favorite author is Michelle Richmond. I am reading Dreams of the Blue Room and re-reading The Year of Fog, both of which I will review next week. Recently, I read No One You Know for the second time and I will review below.

The Review: No One You Know is even more compelling on the second read. I could pause and smell the coffee, marvel at how the coffee trader's lifestyle is woven into a suspenseful plot. The settings of this novel in San Francisco, Nicaragua, and more, were enticing. However, the mysterious and powerful relationship between sisters drive the novel. Sisterhood resonates most deeply with me, and I felt like I understood Lila's immersion into her field, her dreaminess yet concentrated focus on pure mathematics, while at the same time, I could relate to her sister's adriftness, search for meaning in life, love, career. 

(this cover is my favorite, from the hardback edition)

The Analysis: Characters who travel, searching for a true home and deeper relationships, are common in Richmond's novels, and I think this is why many young women, who are following careers, moving to new cities, and traveling these days devour her novels. 

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